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A lulite wooden lamp is a beautiful decorative element for a children's room. It is also the perfect companion for falling asleep peacefully. Cozy and subtle light makes the child feel safe. The light bulb power is enough for evening reading. Natural the material from which we made it is in line with the spirit of the Lulitulisie brand. You can put the lamp on the floor, a chest of drawers or hang it on the wall.

  • Made by hand 
  • Unique design
  • Ecological plywood
  • Made in Poland

Our toys and accessories are produced in a small amount, so that you can enjoy an absolutely unique product and a unique souvenir for many years and generations.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 23x30x6cm
  • Material: eco-friendly plywood
  • Accessories: PVC
  • Light source: energy-saving LED lamps 
  • Bulb color: warm white 
  • Plug-in power supply 

ATTENTION! Use under parental supervision!

Reserved industrial design.