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Our two-sided manipulation board is a beautiful piece of equipment for a child's room. It is a unique and absolutely unique product. After playing, put the blackboard away from the child's reach and turn the decorative side over. The unique design combined with the super toy function is the perfect gift for a toddler.

There are as many as 13 engaging toys on our manipulation board! Each of them is a guarantee of active and great fun. Educational board stimulates the child's creative thinking, exercises concentration, willingness to learn and develops independence. It has a positive effect on the development of the senses and exercises the toddler's hands coordination (fine motor skills).

  • Made by hand 
  • Unique design
  • Ecological plywood
  • Made in Poland
  • All elements are made of materials that are safe for children 

Our toys and accessories are produced in a small amount, so that you can enjoy an absolutely unique product and a unique souvenir for many years and generations.

Product details:

    • Dimensions: 75x57cm
    • Weight: 3.5 kg
    • Material: eco-friendly plywood
    • Accessories: PVC
    • Elements painted with safe, certified paints

What's in the board?

  • chalk board
  • clock
  • fan
  • key with a lock
  • 3 gears
  • colored cymbals
  • chopsticks
  • car with a bolt
  • shoe with shoelace
  • car with gears
  • 4 mazes
  • red bell
  • crank 

    Reserved industrial design.

    ATTENTION! Use only under parental supervision!

    The product is intended from 3 years of age, only under the supervision of an adult. Our toy, like any sensory board, should be played only in a lying position. The board is heavy and therefore must be properly secured both during and after play.