We hear a lot about the need to read to children. I read to my first daughter until I was 11. Since birth. She could do it on her own, and yet reading together was a mandatory point every evening.

What is the effect of this? The child loves books. The only remarks she got from school were something like this: "The daughter reads in class and does not listen to the teacher." Was it worth every evening for 11 years? Was it worth reading even to an infant despite the fact that everyone around questioned the sense of such actions? It's worth it. Definitely.

It was different with the second child. In fact, I read her for several years, but a bit bored with it myself, I decided to start telling her fairy tales. Out of my head, about her and magical creatures. This is how the series of short stories "Hania i Lulitulisie" was created. Each fairy tale touches on an important topic, and the whole was created under the substantive supervision of a child psychologist. Soon they will be available as ebooks, audiobooks and books. You can already see the first video readings with my fairy tales on the YT Lulitulisie channel. We are also preparing a surprise for all children, but for now, be quiet about that.

What does science say about reading to children?

Reading is a very intimate moment with your child. After a day of chaos and running, this moment is magical. It satisfies the child's need for closeness with the parent. Even the busiest day slows down, and that one moment of mindfulness means a lot. In addition, reading supports the emotional development of a child, strengthens his self-esteem, and finally teaches basic moral principles. It improves concentration and broadens knowledge about the world. It strengthens the centers responsible for creative thinking. After all, everything you read to him, he must imagine. What beautiful worlds they have to arise in these little heads! In addition, reading to a child enriches his language, expands vocabulary and makes speaking much easier. Finally, it teaches how to think and is an ideal introduction to learning later.

Have I convinced you? I don't know, but my experience has taught me that it really works!