My name is Samanta Janas and I am the founder of the Lulitulisie brand. I do not create it myself. I work with wonderful people who, like me, believed in this project. I completed doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and I used the knowledge gained there under the supervision of the best when establishing my own brand. 

Where did the Lulitulis come from?

Lulitulisie are characters from the stories I told my younger daughter before going to sleep. Their heroine was she and magical creatures endowed with superpowers. This is how a series of educational fairy tales for children about "Hania and Lulitulisia" was created. Each fairy tale touches on an important topic, and the whole project is supervised by a child psychologist.

The magical moment came when one day Hania's dad took a piece of paper, a pencil and sketched the first Lulitulis. Our superheroes came to life.

And that's how it all started ...

We fell in love with Lulitulisie not only of our relatives, but also of wonderful people with whom we decided to set up an educational portal for children. We persuaded experts in such fields as: psychology, pedagogy, physiotherapy or dietetics to cooperate and we were the first in Poland to combine a website for children with a parenting blog.

The most important thing for us is the safe future of the youngest and education, which is why we base all the content of Lulitulis on these pillars.

Our toys not only have a unique design, but also an educational value and help in the proper development of children. 

Thinking about ecology accompanies us from the beginning. Our fairy tales about "Hania and Lulitulisia" teach children the correct patterns of behavior. All toys are hand-made in Poland, from the highest quality natural materials, safe for children and the environment.  

Join our world. Together we can do more!