We have too little water in Poland. What does this mean exactly?

Of all the European Union countries, Poland has the smallest resources. It is often compared to what Egypt has at its disposal. Why is it like that? A desert country with a very warm and dry climate and our lush and green Poland? It is not very much in your head. Oh, all that ecological talk. Well, because in fact the neighboring countries, in the same climate as us, have up to 4 times more per capita. It's really bad. We have to prepare for the shortage of drinking water in the near future.
Fortunately, it is not a matter of not turning off the water when brushing your teeth, and instead of a quick shower you prefer lounging in the bathtub. Compared to other European countries, only Romania has less water consumption per capita. Poland naturally has little resources, and in addition there is an incorrect, long-term drainage policy and poor water management, especially on an industrial scale. There is also no action due to the fact that Fr.Since the mid-90s in Poland, we have permanent summer drought, snow-free winters and dry autumns, while an increase in the average temperature causes intensive evaporation. Polish energy policy based on coal also disturbs the water management, due to the very fact of its extraction.
Why then, since it does not depend on us, we should save this water?
We have an influence on the so-called commercial consumption, and in fact to a small extent, but our attitude is important at the educational level. The more educated and sensitive we are to the problem of water, the greater the chance that someone will eventually take care of it. Children, on the other hand, should be taught correct habits from their childhood.
Teach your child that:

- water is important, there is not an infinite amount of it and therefore it should be spared

- drinking water is very important for health

- try not to drink water from plastic, disposable bottles

- tap water is best, filtered for health and for the planet

- daily washing is necessary to maintain proper hygiene

- washing hands protects against diseases